Miami Bus Accident Lawyer

The massive size and weight of buses make them dangerous in any potential collisions on the road. If a bus driver is careless behind the wheel, other motorists and pedestrians are put at risk of serious harm.

If you have suffered an injury or endured financial damage due to a bus driver’s negligence, speak to a knowledgeable attorney about the possibility of filing a suit for compensation. At Redondo Law, a Miami bus accident lawyer can assess your case and help determine an effective strategy for your situation.

The Danger of Buses

Bus accidents have the potential to be more dangerous than car accidents involving typical passenger vehicles for several reasons. For those riding on the bus, buses lack many of the passenger-oriented safety features that may keep someone safe in a car. Without seat belts or passenger-adjacent airbags, bus passengers are at higher risk of injury in the event of a crash. For drivers of other vehicles, buses are significantly larger than typical passenger vehicles which results in a dramatic increase in the force of impacts even at lower speeds.

Additionally, commercial vehicles like buses are also unwieldy and difficult to drive, especially in heavy traffic. Careless or inexperienced bus drivers can put the safety of their passengers and other motorists at risk. However, commercial carriers, including bus drivers, are expected to uphold a duty of care to behave reasonably on the road. Instances of negligence or reckless behavior can make these parties liable if they cause a traffic collision.

Bringing a Bus Accident Claim in Miami

Bus accidents can occur for many reasons, and conducting a proper investigation is critical in these cases. Injured people should work with legal counsel to assess the circumstances of the bus collision and determine an appropriate strategy for pursuing compensation. A skilled attorney at our firm can help bus accident victims evaluate their case in a free initial consultation.

To begin the legal process, a plaintiff or their lawyer must submit a demand to the responsible party or, if that fails, file a complaint with a local court. In this complaint, they must identify:

  • The party they believe to be liable for their losses
  • The duty owed by that party (i.e. a duty to drive safely)
  • The manner in which this party caused their damages
  • An estimate of their compensation, including non-economic losses

Complaints must be filed within four years of the bus accident taking place, as per Florida Statutes § 95.11(3). Otherwise, a court will disregard the complaint.

Identifying Liability for a Public Transportation Crash

There are various parties that could be liable in a traffic collision involving public transportation. For example, bus drivers can be held responsible for negligence behind the wheel, or a mechanical failure may make the bus’s manufacturer liable. Sometimes, public buses are even operated by private companies, which can have a private party responsible for an accident involving a public bus.  A Miami bus accident lawyer can help plaintiffs sort through the facts of their case to determine who may be held financially responsible for their losses.

Speak with a Miami Bus Accident Attorney for Legal Guidance

Buses are some of the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road. If their drivers are not careful, they can everyone else at risk of injury. After suffering harm in a bus collision, injured people deserve legal guidance and support in pursuing compensation for their losses.

During a free initial consultation, a Miami bus accident lawyer at Redondo Law can analyze your situation and advise you on your options. Let our dedicated team handle your case while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Call us today to get started.


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