Fierce Advocacy

Michael is an excellent attorney who is geared towards customer satisfaction. His extensive knowledge and fierce advocacy leaves his clients reassured that their matter will be resolved to their benefit. He takes the time to explain the legal process and comes up with creative resolutions and strategies for each of his clients. I highly recommend this attorney.

- Annette
Professional Service

Professional service. Handled my case and resolved it quicker than I expected and got me more than I was expecting.

- Gabriel
Aggressive and Ethical

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Michael on several highly contentious litigation cases. Aggressive AND ethical. Someone you want by your side if you are in the middle or preparing for a legal street fight. He gets the job done. Six stars.

- Juliet
Very Thorough

I contactacted Mike for a dispute I was having. Straight out of the gate, he laid out the plan for the lawsuit and all the different potential outcomes. He always answered emails and calls promptly; which is great for someone who is always nervous like I am. No matter what questions I sent him, he had the answers. He was very thorough on all aspects of my case, including things I didn’t even think of. I will definitely be hiring him again in the future, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

- Morgan
Exceeding Expectations

Talk about exceeding expectations!! Michael was able to obtain more from our insurance carrier then we thought possible because of his knowledge of the law and his ability to use it against them! Do not hesitate to allow him to help you with your claim.

Recommend to Anyone

I would recommend Michael Redondo to anyone in need of legal guidance and representation. Michael possesses a human touch that helped guide me in an incredible time of need and loss. He had the knowledge to help me obtain the perfect result. And he had the professionalism to keep me apprised every step of the way. Thank you Michael.

- Annie
Compassionate and Informative

Mike was a very great person to work with. Understanding, compassionate, and very informative. I will definitely have him represent my family again If the situation arise. Thank you so much.

- Monique
Real Deal

If you’re looking at this, I want to you to take a sigh of reliefe because you just found your lawyer. I highly recommend retaining Redondo Law – you won’t find a better law firm to work with. I had an issue with a contractor breaking my sewage line, and Redondo Law saved the day. Not only did they take care of my case with the upmost care, but they were able to get the negligent party to pay every penny of what we were asking for without having to go back and forth with daunting negotiations. They are the real deal and you’ll be happy you listened to me once you get that check from them.

- William
Eased All of My Concerns

I had the pleasure of having been represented by Michael Redondo. As one can imagine any time one deals with a claim involving personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence it can be a very stressful and difficult time in ones life. Especially when said injury leads to prolonged discomfort or loss in wages as an inability to work. Immediately upon consultation, Michael Redondo eased all of my concerns and his level of attentiveness and personal investment in the case reassured that I had made the right decision in retaining his services. In profession, where hard work, integrity, and customer service are hard to find, look no further than the Redondo Law Firm.

- Manny